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Codex Australia’s Meet the maker: Denise Campbell, 2012

Codex Australia operated from 2011 to 2014. On its website was a series of interviews with fine book makers. Pretext has been allowed to reproduce these interviews.

Denise Campbell
Painter and Printmaker

Interviewed by Alan Loney, August 2012


Codex: Denise Campbell, I have known of your work making books for only a short time – a few weeks ago, Ian Morrison in Hobart emailed alerting me to your books, and now I have the privilege of having one of then, SEA, in front of me. In our subsequent correspondence, you describe yourself as primarily a painter who also makes books. This is not uncommon, and artists come to the making of books in a variety of ways. What was your way? How did you arrive at the notion that a book, a collection of surfaces unlike a painting or a print, was what you wished to make? Read more