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Paul Uhlmann: Homage to Imagination, 2013

A fat man emerges on the inky page: homage to imagination, to making and to p

500 words to one who has inspired


“You are singing… he said softly, “it is beautiful”… he had leaned close to my ear and grinning displayed all manner of jumbled silver. These words had broken my deep dream and they seemed to hover about long after he had left my desk. His voice reminded me of my presence in the world and they swam about mixing with a fluid sea of garlic, which wafted like a foreign personal aftershave. Looking down I could see the ink drawing that I had been working on. It was incomplete. A fat man was emerging on the inky page and he was illuminated on center-stage. Vicious barbs were pulling his skin. The hooks were just under the surface of the flesh and the wires were pulled tight stretching off the page. Other figures careered and danced nearby and some figures mocked the fat man. My brushes lay on the desk and the mapping quill was poised lightly between my fingers. Read more


Monica Oppen: Book without a home? 2014

Prior to the last Federal election, the then leader of the opposition, Tony Abbott, seeking to discredit the carbon trading scheme, suggested it was essentially about trading in ‘nothing’. At the time I couldn’t help thinking that Mr. Abbott should take a trip up to the international space station and trying stepping outside without a space suit on. Then he might gain a new understanding of the meaning of ‘nothing’.

What does this have to do with books? Only that when something is so much a part of us, totally taken for granted, we cease to notice it: it becomes ‘nothing’. So it is with books. I would like to suggest that the book is the air and that, perhaps the artists book is the carbon dioxide. Will an increasing number of artists books have the impact of changing the ‘atmosphere’, not of art, but of the book itself? Read more